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What We Do

The Recovery Group UK (RGUK) was formed in September 2009 by Noreen Oliver MBE, CEO of the BAC O'Connor Centre, to provide a platform for the reform of the UK drug and alcohol treatment system.

Its representatives include leading providers, academics and umbrella organisations from the addictions field.

Its aim is to provide expert advice on improving the impact of treatment.

The Recovery Group UK (RGUK) advocates for a balanced treatment system that recognises abstinence treatment as an option for drug and alcohol misusers in order for individuals, families and communities to recover and break the cycle of addiction which impacts upon families, crime and the benefit system.

RGUK aims to educate people on the benefits of a single integrated process for directing substance misusers into treatment and supporting their progress through all stages of the treatment process. The focus is on motivating the individual to change and refer them to the appropriate services. Key in this process is the development of local peer mentoring schemes.

RGUK will continue to advise, challenge and hold Government accountable for the drug strategy and treatment for addiction in all its guises, to include gambling and associated conditions such as PTSD and other mental health conditions, eating disorders. RGUK will continue to focus on issues of human rights, diversity, social inclusion and equality. 

We will also strengthen our ties with rehabs nationwide, seek opinion and build on the body of work already undertaken.

RGUK formally relaunched with help from our members and supporters, in Westminster Hall on 29th March 2023.

Our Definition of Recovery

  • To be engaged in or working towards using practical and emotional tools to enable and promote self care and healthy decision making.


  • Be able to live as fully as their physical and mental state allows and be embedded in the wider community.


  • Not be emotionally or physically dependent on any substance or behaviour or demonstrate behaviours consistent with dependence.


  • Not engage in illicit use of any substance, possess illicit mind-altering substances or return to or engage in addictive substances or behaviours.



Our RGUK meeting and
re-launch event held in the
House of Commons on 29th March 2023.
We asked the question:
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, are we doing enough and what more needs to be done?


A Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority case for reform to ensure no one is left behind in their search of recovery.

Our Sponsors and Associates

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