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About Us

The Recovery Group UK is one of the largest representative bodies for abstinence treatment, rehabilitation and sustainable recovery.

Support Group

Led by Noreen Oliver MBE, the aim of the RGUK is to ensure people struggling with addiction are given the opportunity to access long term recovery.

RGUK strives for a balanced treatment system which recognises recovery is a process through which an individual is enabled to move on from their problem drug and alcohol use with a commitment to abstinence and become an active member of society.

RGUK works with Providers, Referrers, Commissioners, Public Health, Government, a range of services, Recovery Champions, Mutual Aid and agencies who historically sit outside the treatment sector but are vital in the development and sustainability of Recovery Communities.

RGUK is committed to provide support and representation for the drug and alcohol abstinence treatment and recovery sector, whilst working with an integrated treatment sector that is built on choice, aspiration and ambition for those who come to all of us for help.

Recovery can begin by a service user walking through the door at any treatment centre, our ambition is to ensure that we offer them the widest choice available to recover and achieve abstinence, living healthy and fulfilling lives.

Recovery Group UK - Aims to...

  • Advocating for Excellence
  • Promoting Recovery
  • Confronting Stigma
  • Family and Wraparound Support
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